Finding both Beauty and the Beast in Your Natural Stone

Natural stone adds beauty to any home — undeniably. But the stone you choose has work to do, too. Backsplashes, mudroom floors, kitchen countertops, bathroom surrounds! Each serves a purpose in addition to making your home beautiful. You want both — beauty and beast-like toughness.

To start, consult this list of natural stones and where they work best. Then, read Choosing and Using Stone Surfaces to learn what makes each type of stone unique.

Marble: backsplashes, floors, pastry surfaces, tub surrounds, vanity tops

Granite: kitchen countertops, pastry surfaces, fireplace surrounds

Limestone: bathroom surfaces, kitchen floors, entryways

Onyx: bathtub surrounds, shower tiles, vanity tops

Slate: floors, kitchen countertops T

Travertine: bathtub surrounds, countertops, shower tiles, floors

Sandstone: bathtub surrounds, shower tiles and walls, kitchen floors

Soapstone: kitchen countertops, vanity tops, sinks, fireplace surrounds

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